1. Is this service completly free?

Yes, absolutely free!

2. What file formats can I upload?

All formats are allowed.

3. How do I upload a file?

Click "Choose file" button. Now select the file you want to upload and click the "Upload" button.After the loading process you will see a link. With this link you can access your file or picture at any time.

4. Can I upload multiple files at once?

Yes! After clicking on the "Choose file" button, you can select multiple files with the mouse. (Only possible with modern browsers.)

5. Which file sizes can be uploaded

A file can not be larger than 2 gigabyte.

6. Will my files automatically deleted?

If your file is 90 days inactive (no call receive), it will be removed. Unless you specify a retention period, your file will be stored until the time of your choosing.

7. I'm not a member. Can I delete my file?

Your file will be saved to your chosen storage time or the file will deleted by inactivity.

8. How many files can I upload?

There is no limit.

9. Are my files safe here?

Your file is accessible only to people who have the link to your file.

10. How to protect sensitive files?

You can protect your files with a password.

11. Can I manage my files?

Yes, you can manage your files and delete them automatically when you register for free.

12. How are my files saved?

All of your personal data are GDPR-compliant and protected according to current security standards. Dormant and in transit binary- and Metadata are always encrypted. As far as technically possible, your data will be pseudonymized.
You can find our Privacy Policy here.