About workupload

workupload is an Online-Storage company that focuses on providing you with a simple and convenient solution for sharing and managing your digital content. workupload offers premium features such as Bulk-Download, One-Time-Links and Multi-Uploads for free, for all.

Top features

workupload is more than just "uploading files".
Check out some of our features that make your life a little easier.

Bulk Download

With a single click, you can download whole photo collections, project files, or work files as a convenient ZIP file.


Limit access to your files by setting the number of times a file can be downloaded.


Set a date when your files are no longer available for download.


Upload multiple of files at once. No matter whether documents, pictures or files.


Protect your files from unauthorized access by enabling the password protection.


Share as many files as you want.
... and other features are waiting for you.